Mission Statement

  • To preserve, protect and nurture the unique and innate traits of the Australian Cobberdog and to watch over its endearing and very special ways for future generations to enjoy
  • To promote public awareness about the differences between the prolific ‘copies’ of the breed and the genuine breed and of the inherent health dangers  which are possible to people who expect a ‘copy’ of the breed to be ‘safe’ for those who have dog-related allergies
  • To embrace and promote the concept of the  Australian Cobberdog as the ultimate Service Dog, Assistance Dog, Therapy Dog  and Medical Alert Dog and to help educate breeders and individuals on the ways  to assess the puppies who display the appropriate traits to fulfil this  mission
  • To embrace and promote the importance of the Australian Cobberdog retaining its qualities of lack of aggression, social friendliness and reliability around young children which make it a superlative breed of choice for Family Companion Dogs
  • To encourage and help facilitate the bringing together of like-minded individuals and committed breeders for the exchange of ideas and discussion regarding possible implementation of new initiatives which may enhance the future of the Australian Cobberdog
  • To promote responsible Dog ownership
  • To provide mentorship to new breeders Support your breed by supporting your club