Welcome to the website of the New Australian and International Australian Cobberdog Club!  A Parent Club is a pre-requisite for a new dog breed to be considered for Pure Breed Status.  Please support your Australian Cobberdog Parent Club!  We invite you to browse our new website and consider the benefits of Club Membership.

In January 2012  the (authentic) Australian Labradoodle was officially recognized as a Pure Breed in Development under its new name AUSTRALIAN COBBERDOG. The Australian Cobberdog is registered with The Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA) :  a global Registry for all Pure Breed dogs, and with equal standing, privileges and legal rights in some parts of Australia with the ANKC ( Australia’s  National Pure Breed Dog Registry)

Breeders of authentic Australian Labradoodles across the world are able to apply for registration of their dogs and progeny with the MDBA regardless of other organisations with which they may be affiliated.  MDBA registration authenticates a breeder’s status as a breeder of authentic Australian Labradoodles under the new name which is required for Pure Breed Recognition.  With so many copies of this breed being registered  under the Australian Labradoodle name with specific ‘Labradoodle Utah‘ and ‘Australian Labradoodle’ registries, MDBA’s  transparent and arms’ length All Pure Breeds registry body protects both the breeder and the buyer of puppies from the confusion which has been experienced over recent years.

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